Tanzanian Evening

tanz giftd 09 12 (9)

To begin our new academic year we held a Tanzanian evening at school. Mrs Evans and Mrs Gaffiero shared details of their recent trip to our link school in Tanzania. They showed many photos and spoke of their experiences, giving those present a clear and colourful insight into the life of the people at  Chamwino ‘B’ Primary School.

Tanz eve pres 09 12 (2)

Tanz eve meal 09 12 (3)

We shared a meal together during which we learned more about the plans for the partnership.

tanz giftd 09 12 (3)

tanz giftd 09 12 (5)

tanz gifts 09 12

We were also able to take a look at presents given to the school and various items that were brought back for the children to see. There is a display of some of these items in the entrance to the hall. Do stop and take a look.

Tanzanian Guests at Pendock

Tanz welcome banner 11 12

Midway through November was the time planned for a couple of people from our Tanzanian Partnership school to visit Pendock. After spending the weekend settling in and  becoming acclimatized to the rain and the cold, it was Monday morning and time to visit school. The school day began with breakfast club where, after having eaten, Peter and Salma were introduced to table football.

Tanz brk clb 11 12 (1)

Tanz cls 1 assembly (1)

Tanz cls 1 assembly (3)

Class 1 led the school for assembly. As a part of that assembly they read several of their poems written about Tanzania, thinking particularly about using their senses, what they would see, hear, feel, taste and smell.


Tea for Tanzania

Tanz tea party cakes 11 12 (1)

Tanz tea party cakes 11 12 (2)

During the afternoon we held a tea party to welcome our guests. Families, friends and members of our community joined us.

Tanz tea party tables 11 12 (1)

Tanz tea party guests 11 12 (1)

Tanz tea party cake sale 11 12 (1)

Tanz tea party cake sale 11 12 (2)

Some of Class 2 were on hand to sell the cakes they had made during the Pendock British Bake Off. The money raised, along with very generous donations, will go towards our solar schools project. Thankyou to eveyone who came to our tea party and helped us to welcome Peter and Salma.

Lessons Tanzanian Style

Peter and Salma spent time in both classes  teaching the us some Kiswahili. We learned some basic pronunciation rules and then had a go at reading some words and phrases.

swahilli lessons 11 12 (1)

swahilli lessons 11 12 (3)

swahilli lessons 11 12 (5)

swahilli lessons 11 12 (6)

tanzanian photo sharing (2)

We took a break from Kiswahili to listen to Peter while he shared with us some photos of his school, Chamwino ‘B’ Primary School. 

The rest of the morning was spent practising our Tanzanian song and dance. 

Tanzanian dance 11 12 (10)

 Tanzanian dance 11 12 (11)

Tanzanian dance 11 12 (12)

Tanzanian dance 11 12 (3)

Tanzanian dance 11 12 (6)

Tanzanian dance 11 12 (8)

Peter and Salma’s final day at Pendock

There was a lot of very energetic dance practise in school this morning. All in preparation for our final Tanzanian celebration before Peter and Salma leave us.

Tanzanian dance (3)

Tanzanian dance (4)

Tanzanian dance (5)

Tanzanian dance (6)

Salma taught the children a Tanzanian song where she sang and the children sang a response.


country dance 11 12 (3)

country dance 11 12 (4)

country dance 11 12 (5)

Next it was time to practise our country dancing.


Just before lunch we all took part in planting a tree to remember Peter and Salma’s visit to Pendock and the new partnership we have with their school.

tree planting 11 12 (6)

tree planting 11 12 (8)


netball 11 12 (2)

netball 11 12 (3)

After lunch there was time to brush up our netball skills. With two coaches, one playing for each team, it was a lively game!