19 July 2019                                                                                                                                        Newsletter 39

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to everyone who supported our ‘Where the Meadows Flower’ performance on Tuesday and our Leavers’ events yesterday.  We are sure you will agree that the children, and staff, worked very hard on all of these and can be proud of themselves!

Class 2 Holiday Homework:  Please see the ‘High Five’ challenges attached.

After School Care Club:  Statements are enclosed covering Spring and Summer Terms.  Some of you may have a credit balance (negative figure) to carry forward to next term.  If you have an amount to pay you can do so at any time via Payments4Schools, or at the start of next term.  If you think you have made payments that are not reflected in these balances, please discuss it with Ms Curnow at the start of next term, as any online payments that did not go against the correct category may not have been picked up.

After School Care will start again on the Monday of the first full week back at school and booking forms are enclosed.  We would still appreciate some parent volunteers to help run this service, otherwise we may have to reduce the number of evenings we can offer.  Please let Ms Curnow know either via email or at the start of term if you can help.

Breakfast Club:  Invoices are attached for the second half of Summer Term.  Breakfast Club will begin again on the first day back in Autumn Term.  The cost is £2.00 per session and there is no need to book in advance.  Breakfast Club starts at 8.00 am and a light breakfast is provided (eg toast / cereal and fruit juice); however, the charge for the session is still payable for registered childcare provided whether breakfast is eaten or not.

Library News:  Thank you to everyone who sent Ms White some items for this.  Please see the Library Newsletter attached.

Open Mornings:  We have scheduled the following dates for Open Mornings in the Autumn Term:

Tues 15th October

Weds 23rd October

Thurs 7th November

If you know anyone who has a child starting school in the next year or two and who would like to come and view the school, please let them know they would be welcome at these times.  Alternatively, families are always welcome to telephone for an appointment to view the school if they are interested.

Message from Mrs Lyndon-Chance:  I would like to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone for all the good wish messages that have been sent to me to me as I leave the post of Headteacher.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my career at Pendock and will miss so many aspects of my role.  It has been a privilege to teach so many wonderful children over the years and I thank all the parents who have allowed me this honour.

Thank you also for the generous gifts that have been given to me.  I am extremely grateful.  The fabulous farewell party will remain in my memory forever.  It was truly wonderful and I thank everyone for making me feel so special.  Just the thought of it almost moves me to tears every time I think of it…but you know me, I’ll try to keep my smile on for the public image and do my crying in private!  

The collective gift of money to create a summer house was overwhelming – thank you all so much. 

Thank you all for the beautiful thank you messages that have come my way in letters, cards and conversation.  I will leave Pendock with my head held high, truly feeling that I have made a positive contribution.

I wish you all the happiest of futures filled with love and laughter.

I wish Pendock every success in the future as it goes forward with your new Headteacher, Hannah Gilroy, at the helm, leading a team of wonderfully talented and dedicated staff

With my very best wishes,

Future Dates for Your Diaries:

Autumn Term Begins – Wednesday 4th September (Monday & Tuesday are TEDs)

Class 1 Trip to Berkley Castle – Monday 23rd September

FOPS AGM – Tuesday 24th September

Swimming Lessons Start – Thursday 26th September

Half Term – Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November

Tempest Photography – Monday 4th November

FOPS Christmas Fayre – Friday 29th November

Nativity Performances – Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th December

Term Ends – Friday 20th December

Best wishes for the summer break

Sally Lyndon-Chance,

Head Teacher and all teaching and non-teaching staff