20 May 2019                                                                                                                                       Newsletter 31

Dear Parents and Carers

Menus:  These are enclosed for the four weeks ending 28th June.  Please look over them with your child and return them on Monday with payment if appropriate.  When ordering, please note that there are several ‘special events’ during the period when arrangements will be different.  On Sports Day, parents are welcome to join us for a picnic lunch afterwards; please let us know which option you would like.  There will be a cost of £2.75 per adult.

Class 2 News

Homework: Next week, you will be writing your part of the Forest of Feelings story. For homework, think about your part of the forest: what does it look like and how does it respond to your character’s emotions? Also, think about what event your characters will be taking part in when Ben enters the forest. Remember: the Fumers were having a feast; the Sobolots were having their annual diving competition and the Trembolos were getting ready for bed. What will yours be doing? Please be ready to use these ideas on Tuesday morning.

Bikeability:  Please return all forms first thing on Monday if you have not done so already.  This is a requirement by the external trainers and they will not permit your child to take part if we do not have a signed consent form.  Bikes and helmets will need to be in school on the appropriate days.  Level 1 (Year 4) will be doing their session on the playground on Monday only.  Level 2 (Years 5 & 6) will be doing theirs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with the possibility of Thursday morning if necessary.  Children taking part should wear sensible non-uniform clothes and footwear as detailed in the original letter.

Worcestershire Dancefest at The Artrix 3rd July:  Tickets have now gone on general sale and the box office are kindly keeping back enough for our block booking, but in order to secure them we do need your forms and payment back on Monday 20th May in order to secure these and avoid disappointment.

Big Battery Hunt:  These boxes are being collected soon so please bring yours back on Monday if you have not already done so.

Swimming Lessons:  These have started now for the term and we would appreciate it if you could make a voluntary contribution towards transport of £20 per child either via Payments4Schools or the green post box.  Please make sure your child has their kit in school each week.  Teaching our pupils swimming is a requirement of the National Curriculum and we do not want any pupils to miss out on this unless there is a specific medical reason.

Three Counties Trip Friday 14th June:  The whole school will be going by coach to the Royal Three Counties Show.  It will be a very busy day and we have booked some exciting workshops as well as being able to see exhibitions and events open to the general public.  Pupils can either book a school picnic lunch or take their own.  Further details to follow next week.

Summer Musical Concert: A reminder that forms need to be returned to the green box by Friday 24th May.  If your child would like to play an instrument, please return that form by  FRIDAY 14TH JUNE.

European Parliament Elections 23rd May:  The hall will be in use as a Polling Station again next Thursday and therefore there will be no Celebrations Assembly.

Friends’ News:  We look forward to you at the Family Disco later.  Raffle tickets and quiz sheets for the Summer Fete will be on sale next week.  There is a list on the back door if you can help with the Fete and our next meeting will be at 3.15 pm on Tuesday 21st May – all are welcome.  On Friday 24th May there will be a non uniform day in return for good quality bottles for the bottle stall or tombola prizes.

Future Dates for Your Diaries:

School Council Disco – Friday 17th May 6.00 – 8.00 pm: Bar, snacks, raffle and dance competition!

Bikeability Training – Week commencing 20th May

FOPS Meeting – 3.15 pm Tuesday 21st May

Half Term – 27th – 31st May

Sports Day – 4th June (Reserve date 5th June)

Summer Fete – Saturday 8th June

Whole School Trip to Three Counties Show – Friday 14th June

The Big Sing (Class 2) – Tuesday 18th June, details TBA

Language Festival – Tuesday 25th June, Class 2 at Hanley Castle High School all day details TBA but will need to take their own packed lunch.

Transition Day – Thursday 27th June (including Year 6 going to Hanley Castle High and new Reception pupils to join us for the day)

Class 2 Perform at Worcestershire Dancing – Wednesday 3rd July; performance 7.00 – 8.30 pm

Summer Musical Concert – Tuesday July 9th, 6pm

Best wishes

Sally Lyndon-Chance,

Head Teacher and all teaching and non-teaching staff