The first science topic of the new school year in Class 2 is electrical circuits. The topic began in an interesting and dramatic fashion with Mr Greenbank taking (an old!) computer apart. The class asked many interesting questions and were fascinated to see the inner workings of something we all use each day in school.
 circuits 09 16 (1)  circuits 09 16 (2)
Class have been learning about how to stay safe around electricity and have designed some information posters.
 circuits posters 09 16 (3)  circuits posters 09 16 (4)
 circuits posters 09 16 (6)  circuits posters 09 16 (7)
Children in years 5 and 6 have begun a series of lessons to learn about computer coding.
 coding 09 16 (1)  coding 09 16 (2)
To begin their topic of Brazil and South America Class 2’s homework task was to gather information about Brazil. This could be presented in any way they chose. The children found a lot of interesting information that has been displayed using charts, maps, photos and text. These will be on display in Class 2.
 Brazil & South America info 09 16 (3)

 Brazil & South America info 09 16 (4)  Brazil & South America info 09 16 (6)
Class 1 joined Class 2 children to listen to Dina, a lady who has very recently returned from volunteering at the Paralympics in Rio. The Rio Paralympics are the 8th games she has been involved with, the first being in 1988 at Seoul, Korea. Dina was able to give an interesting insight into many aspects of the games not least the amazing determination and inspiration shown by all the competitors. She brought with her many personal photos and mementos. 
Brazil & South America paralympics talk  Brazil & South America paralympics talk  Brazil & South America paralympics talk
The next stage for Class 2 in their electricity topic was to have a go at making a circuit. The circuit needed to include either a buzzer, a motor that rotated or a light. After a couple of attempts all the circuits worked.
 circuits making 09 16 (1)  circuits making 09 16 (2)  circuits making 09 16 (5)
To continue their science project looking at electricity, Class 2 have been setting up and testing various circuits to see if they work, and if they don’t trying to understand why. 
 circuits building 09 16 (1) circuits building 09 16 (2)
In their art lessons Class 2 have been learning about illustrating poems. They discussed their ideas and then went on to try them out. The result is some very thoughtfully illustrated poems. This task was extended for their homework when they were asked to write and illustrate a poem they had written themselves. Once again, there are some very interesting examples of work. There is a display of all these poems in Class 2.
 illustrated poems 09 16 (1)  illustrated poems 09 16 (2)  illustrated poems 09 16 (3)
 illustrated poems 09 16 (4)  illustrated poems 09 16 (5)  illustrated poems 09 16 (8)