On Wednesday 14th February, we excitedly welcomed Rev Anthea in to school for the afternoon to teach us about Ash Wednesday.

Class 1 learnt about Ash Wednesday and Lent traditions for Christians and then worked together to create our very own Lent tree.  Our wonderful Lent tree contains 40 leaves saying what Christians might do doing Lent to please God.  Some of the things the children wrote included show respect, be kind to one another, say sorry if we have been mean to other people, help your parents and be thankful for all of the things you have.

The tree helps us to remember that Lent means turning over a new leaf and saying sorry to God for the things we have done wrong.

Class 2 worked with Rev Anthea to help them to understand Lent and how Christians prepare for Easter.  As a result the children were busy thinking of lots of positive lifestyle changes!