The Paralympics are the focus of the first topic of the new school year in Class 1. The children are avidly following the progress of the British team, recording their achievements on a medal chart. The role play area is the Olympic stadium complete with track, award podium and flags, and the Olympic torch. High above the stadium is the spectacular Olympic cauldron. There is also a news reporting desk where all the latest updates are available.    
 paralympics role play 09 16 (1)  paralympics role play 09 16 (2)  paralympics role play 09 16 (3)
 paralympics role play 09 16 (4)  paralympics role play 09 16 (5)  paralympics role play 09 16 (6)
To continue their topic and find out more about the Paralympics Class 1 joined Class 2 to hear Dina talk about her experiences a as a volunteer at the Rio games.
Brazil & South America paralympics talk
autumn picture 09 16
Class 1 have been collecting things that remind them of Autumn from around the school grounds. They have used these special things as the beginning of their Autumn picture.