Class 1’s topic this term is ‘things that go bump in the night’. 
Class 1 have been discovering that all sorts of creatures are nocturnal. They have read books and researched the internet to find out loads of amazing facts.
They also think they may have discovered a monster living in the school grounds; no-one has seen it yet but strange things seem to be happening and there are several clues that it has been into the playing field at night. Class 1 have been thinking a lot about what their monster might be like. They have been busy drawing and making clay models. Out side on the playing field they have set a trap to try to catch the monster. They haven’t been successful yet but there was a scrap of yellow fur left behind last week. 
monsters building trap 05 16
For their homework, Class 1 continued to think about how to trap the monster they think is living somewhere in the school playing field. They have been designing traps and writing instructions.
 monsters how to trap 05 16 (2)  monsters how to trap 05 16 (3)  monsters how to trap 05 16 (4)
Class 1 have read an exciting book about a little boy whose dad has a shed that houses an incredible machine; this machine can make monsters. The children in Class 1 have worked painstakingly to create their own shed workshop just like Dad’s. Inside the workshop they have built the most amazing monster making machine.
 monsters machine 05 16 (1)  monsters machine 05 16 (2)
Creating the monster machine took a lot of work. Firstly it had to be designed and then built.   

 monsters workshop 05 16 (10)  monsters workshop 05 16 (7)
 monsters workshop 05 16 (1)  monsters workshop 05 16 (8)
All the spare bits and pieces have been carefully stored in the workshop in-case the machine needs repairs.
 monsters workshop 05 16 (13)  monsters workshop 05 16 (14)  monsters workshop 05 16
Every day Class 1 learn something new about monsters. This week they have designed the monsters some scary underpants to help them not to be spotted.
 monsters underpants 06 16 (1)  monsters underpants 06 16 (5)
 monsters underpants 06 16 (2)  monsters underpants 06 16 (3) monsters underpants 06 16 (4)
Judging by the ‘Wanted’ posters in Class 1, some monsters are more welcome than others. Better watch out!
 monsters wanted posters 06 16 (1)  monsters wanted posters 06 16 (2)  monsters wanted posters 06 16 (4)
The Summer Reading Challenge for 2016 has been launched. Pendock pupils received all the necessary information in a special assembly this week delivered by a representative from the library service. Information is available in school or visit the website
 summer read 06 16 (1) summer read 06 16 (7)
For several weeks Class 1 have been working hard to design, plan and eventually sew their own monsters. They have used felt to make the body and have decorated them with buttons, ribbon and stitching. It has taken a lot of concentration and hard work but the results are amazing. To see all the monsters take a look in Class 1.
 monsters sewing  (1)  monsters sewing  (2)  monsters sewing  (4)
 monsters sewing  (5)  monsters sewing  (6)  monsters sewing (14)
 monsters sewing (17)  monsters sewing (7)