Pendock CE Primary School

Hike for Health & Happiness 

We were pleased to welcome Councillor John Raine, Chairman of Malvern Hills District Council, into school on Friday 9th September as apart of his 'Hike for Health & Happiness'. Councillor Raine has been walking a 130 mile route that has taken him through each of the wards in the Malvern Hills District. He was passing through Pendock on Friday so we invited him in to take a welcome rest, enjoy a cup of coffee and meet Class 2. Councillor Raine is hoping to raise both awareness and money for various charities that are involved in mental health wellbeing. The children took part in a couple of assemblies that considered the issues of health and happiness in readiness for the visit. We were pleased to be able to pass on a message of greeting and a donation to the chosen charity.
 health & happiness walk 09 2016 (2) health & happiness walk 09 2016 (4)health & happiness walk 09 2016 (5)

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