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Welcome to Class 1 

Welcome to Class 1

This is our classroom. Lots of exciting things happen in Class 1. Why don't you pop in to take a look at our displays and role play area.

 cls 1 room 09 12 (5)

This is our outdoor area. We have access to this area throughout the day. There is always something interesting happening. Our water tray, play house and weaving trellis are here.

cls 1 outdoor area 09 12 (1)

We really love reading books in Class 1.  Here we are in the Mobile Library van that regularly comes to visit us.     This is so exciting because we get the chance to choose from even more lovely books!

Mobile library Jan 17
je 09 09

Hello! My name is Mrs Evans and I am the class teacher in Class 1.  

anne 09 08

Hello! My name is Mrs Haroun. I am a teaching assistant in Class 1. 

HV 10 14

My name is Mrs Bates. I am a teaching assistant in Class 1. 


My name is Billy and I help the children in Class 1 with their learning. I am looking forward to learning all about our new topic.


My name is Penny, I also help the children in Class. I am looking forward to the new role play area we will make in class.


I am Charlie. I'm looking forward to reading all the books we will have for our new topic.

Buster (2)

My name is Buster. Most of the time I live in Class 1 but every now and then I get to visit the children from Class 1 at their home. It's very exciting. Take a look at my visiting diary in Class 1 to see where I've been.

What we've been up to in Class 1


Autumn Term - topic 'Paralympics'


Summer Term - topic 'things that go bump in the night'
Spring Term - topic 'Islam'
Autumn Term - topic 'Journeys'


Summer Term - topic 'Christianity'
                       - topic 'Jobs People Do'

Spring Term - topic 'Christianity'

Autumn Term - topic 'Where would a lion like to live?'


Summer Term - topic 'maps'

Spring Term - topic 'Sikhism'

                     - topic 'Ancient Egypt'

Autumn Term - topic 'Caring for Ourselves and Others'


Summer Term  - topic 'Traction Man'

                      - topic 'Great Fire of London'

Spring Term  - topic 'Judaism'

                    - topic 'Traction Man' 


Autumn Term - topic 'Tanzania'

2011 - 2012

Summer Term - topic 'Tanzania'

                     - topic 'The Olympics'

Spring Term - topic 'Buddhism'

                  - topic 'Tanzania'


Autumn Term  -  topic 'Pets and vets'

                         - topic 'vehicles'

Summer Term - topic 'Trains'

                     - topic 'Buildings'


Spring Term - topic 'Farming'

                    - topic 'In the News'


Autumn Term  - topic 'Other Religions'

                      - topic 'Dinosaurs'

Summer Term - topic 'Schools Now and in the Past'

                    - topic 'Cinemas'

Spring Term - topic 'Zoos and Wild Animals'

                    - topic 'Traction Man'   


Autumn Term - topic 'Doctors, Dentists and Opticians'

                                      - topic 'Shops'

Summer Term - topic 'Underwater' and extras too!

                              - topic 'Medieval Times'

                              - topic 'Earthquakes and Volcanoes'

Spring Term - 2nd half - topic 'Jobs People Do' and lots of other bits too!

Spring Term - 1st half - topic 'Transport' and other interesting bits and pieces!


Autumn Term - topic 'Space'

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