Pendock CE Primary School

Our Building and Grounds 

car park entrance 09 12

Our school is situated in the village of Pendock, right in the corner of Worcestershire. We are a small school but we have fantastic buildings and grounds. This page hopes to give you a taster of what our school is like.

old school bld 09 12

This is the oldest part of the school. It is where Class 1 are.

hall door 09 12

At the other end of the school is the entrance to the hall which is quite a new building and used by all sorts of people and groups from the village.

back door 09 12

The door at the back of school leads onto the playground. This is the door we use when we arrive at and leave school. We use this door because there is more room and it keeps us safe away from the road.

entrance hall 09 12 (2)
This is the entrance hall, the entrance from the playground.  
cls 1 cloaks 09 12

Next to this is the cloakroom for Class 1 where we can keep all our coats, PE bags, spare shoes and things like that on our pegs.

main door 09 12

Our visitors arrive through the main front door. They will be signed in and then taken to the part of the school they need.

 cls 1 room 09 12 (5)

If you turn left from the front door you come to Class 1. There are always fantastic displays in Class 1 and they have amazing role play areas too.


cls 1 outdoor area 09 12 (1)

This is Class 1's outdoor area that leads off their wet area next to the classroom. Class 1 use this area a lot for all sorts of different activities.



cls 1 outdoor area 09 12 (4)


cls 1 outdoor area 09 12 (5)


cls 1 outdoor area 09 12 (6)


cls 1 outdoor area 09 12 (3)


cls 1 outdoor area 09 12 (2)

office (2)

If you go the other way from the front door you come to the office where our secretaries Ms Curnow and Mrs Ashby work. They have all sorts of useful things in their office and can always help us out if we need anything in our classrooms.

library 09 12

Along from the office is the library. Although there are lots of books in this room it is used as an extra classroom and for all sorts of other things too. There are several computers in this room.

kitchen 09 12

The kitchen is next. This is where our hot lunch is prepared each day. We also use this room to do cooking in class time.

cls 2 room 09 12 (3)

Next to the kitchen is Class 2. This is where our Key Stage 2 children are. There is always something exciting going on in Class 2.

hall 09 12 (2)

Through Class 2 is the way to the hall.  We use the hall for PE, several clubs after school, assembly and our lunches. The local toddler group use this space each week.

If you retrace your steps and leave the building through the backdoor you will be on the playground. This is a great place because there is loads of space. At break and lunchtimes we have all sorts of play equipment. There is an adventure playground too.


play ground 09 12 (2)


play ground 09 12 (3)


play ground 09 12 (7)


field 09 12 (2)


field 09 12 (3)


gazebo 09 12


mil gdn 09 12

Outside we also have a quiet area we call the millennium garden. It is a lovely area where we can sit and chat.

field 09 12 (3)

We have an enormous playing field. It is great for sports day, football and cricket matches, and of course the summer fete.

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