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Chamwino B 3
Mwalimu Tumpale Kalebela from Chamwino 'B' has got her passport.  Now she will apply for her visa ready for her visit to Pendock Primary in the Summer Term.  We look forward to welcoming her to our school!!

This year Chamwino ‘B’ have been working with a leader from the Right To Play project.

 Right To Play transforms the lives of disadvantaged children across Africa, the Middle East and Asia through the power of sport and play.  A local community leader coaches children in specially designed games.

Chamwino B 1

As the children develop and learn new skills, they pass these on to other community members and often go on to become Coaches themselves.

The programmes are sustainable and ensure long-term development. When children and young people gain new skills, they have the ability to pass these on to future generations, thus ensuring lasting change.

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