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We like food at Pendock! but we know that it is important to eat a healthy diet.

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We begin our healthy days by visiting breakfast club. There is always a good supply of cereal, toast and fruit juice. 


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A cooked dinner, see our menu, is available each day if we choose. Each day we have dinner and pudding. Salad and fruit are also available.
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We know that good behaviour, manners and being helpful and polite are very important. To celebrate this we have a 'top table' each Thursday lunchtime. Pupils are invited to sit on this table if they have been particularly polite, helpful or well mannered during the previous week.
If it is really wet outside at lunch we have to have our lunch play in the hall. 
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This healthy eating is just a part of what helps to make us a healthy school. We do lots of activities in school that also help to keep us healthy. To find out more about these activities have a look at Our Clubs page.

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