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Newsletter 16


Friday, 12 January 2018

 Dear Parents and Carers

Class 1 News

Homework:  We have been learning about where our food comes from.  For homework this week choose a food and prepare something that shows the journey from its starting point to when you eat it.  We will be sharing these on Tuesday afternoon in Topic.  You can prepare a diagram, a written explanation or present it in any other way you like.

Story Sacks:  Reception sacks are due in TUESDAY 16th JANUARY.  Please return them promptly to the area behind the door in the library.  Year1 pupils are taking home sacks this week with a return date of Tuesday 23rd January.

 Weekly Reminders:  Mondays we have PE, Thursdays we have Show and Tell and Learning Logs on Friday afternoon.

Class 2 News

Homework: Year 3 & 4 should practice telling their story map to people (or pets!) at home.

Mr Greenbank's reading group (Year 5) have been looking at the Japanese art style of manga. For homework, this reading group should attempt to draw their own manga character. This should be ready to share on Tuesday 16th January.

Year 6 Reading Group Homework:  Write a page for a government website detailing the rules and regulations for Wizardry.  Remember it should be official and formal in tone using subheadings and bullet points.  If you need any help please see Ms White on Monday.

 Outstanding Library Books:   Children have been reminded recently they must return books to the school library after 40 days.  Unfortunately, despite a reminder just before Christmas, we still have over 20 books not yet returned, some of which have been on loan for well in excess of 100 days.

 Could we please urge parents to help children search for any outstanding items and return them without delay.  Please reassure your child that they are not in any trouble if the item is missing but Mrs Ashby should be informed as soon as this becomes apparent.  Thank you.

 Children in Class 2 have been told today if there is a book out in their name.  Each book is barcoded with a unique number which can be provided upon request to assist a search.

 Mr Greenbank, Mr Hawkings and Mrs Ashby will be carrying out training for children again this term to ensure the correct procedures for borrowing and returning books are followed and to help pupils care for their school library. We would be very grateful for your support by reinforcing the message of caring for school resources.  We do not currently charge for any lost or missing items and are confident that with the right training, and your support, we will not need to reconsider our position.  It is great to see the library being put to good use.  Please continue to encourage your child to read – there are books available for all ages and abilities and children should be encouraged to ask if they are not sure what to read next.

 Help Required:  Next Wednesday for After School Care Club we are looking for a parent helper to act as the second person between 4.30 and 6.00 pm.  If you are available, please let Mrs Lyndon-Chance know on Monday.  Thank you in advance.

After School Clubs:  These will start again on Monday 22nd January (not the 15th January date on the sign up sheets).  If your child would like to participate in any of these, please sign and return the sheet.  These clubs are a commitment, as participants may be working towards a project or a tournament and once a child has been signed up we expect regular attendance, barring illness or exceptional circumstances.

 Instrumental Tuition:  Last October all parents of current instrumental pupils were texted and asked to inform us if their child did not want to continue this term, as Severn Arts require this period of notice.  If you did not inform us otherwise then we have assumed your child is continuing and have scheduled lessons accordingly.  An invoice is attached for the Spring Term (10 weeks of tuition) which can be paid half-termly if preferred.  Those having their first ‘taster’ term will be paid for by FOPS.

 After School Care Club:  Invoices are attached for Autumn term.  The charges shown are for the whole of the term and take into account payments made at half term.  Please make payment as soon as possible either through the Payments4Schools website or the green postbox.

 Big January Sale:  On Friday 26th January we will be having a Big January Sale from 3.00 – 3.45 pm.  This will include good quality pre-loved uniform but also many, many more treasures that have come to light during our tidying up!  Come along and see what you can find.

Future Dates For Your Diaries:

 Class 2 Gym Festival – Friday 19th January, afternoon only HCHS

After School Clubs – Begin again week commencing 22nd January

Class 1 Movement Festival – Friday 26th January, morning only HCHS

Big January Sale – Friday 26th January. 3.00 – 3.45 pm in school hall

Class 1 Storytelling Event at Countryside Day Nursery – Tuesday 30th January (pm only)

Year 4 Dance Festival – Friday 2nd February, morning only HCHS

Class 1 Chinese New Year Celebration at Castlemorton – Friday 16th February

Half Term – 19th – 23rd February

 Remember our website includes complete term dates; please check these before booking holidays.

 Best wishes

 Sally Lyndon-Chance,

Head Teacher and all teaching and non-teaching staff

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