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sam wrote 8 years ago
Well done to all involved. Really nice website, lots of information and easy to navigate. Enjoyed looking at lots of photos.
Hannah wrote 8 years ago
Hi, i love the new website. Its looking really good.
josh wrote 8 years ago
hi i'm likeing the new website
casey wrote 8 years ago
I like the website
Freddie wrote 8 years ago
I am loving our topics at school and hope we get more like them!

Note: The following comments were posted on the old school website.

grace and joseph neal wrote 9 years ago
We really like the website.The photographs were good.Hi to all our friends at school.
Rhiannon...Xx wrote 9 years ago
Wow the skl seems to have changed soo much!!! Got loads of gr8 memerys of Pendock!!! Missin all u guys!!! (especially grace + mrs holt!!!!) xxxxxxxxx
Sam White wrote 9 years ago
So up to date. I can't believe class one have done so much already. Well done to you all.
cameron dalimore wrote 9 years ago
hi pendock. i really like that school. the school is getting better and better. hi hannah and old m8s.
Ian Henry wrote 9 years ago
Wow what a great website. Really enjoyed looking at all the photos and reading all the information. Thanks everyone for keeping it up to date, Cheers, Ian.
sam wrote 9 years ago
Great pictures,nice to see all the latest events. Not sure about the dodgy looking book sellers!
Julia (josh rule mum) wrote 9 years ago
Just been looking at all the pictures, I knew you had the site, but not all these pic really nice to see what goes on in school, appriciate the time you take to put it all together. really is a good site keep it up
Nicola Esling wrote 9 years ago
Hey everyone, i used to go to Pendock, im now in year 10 at Hanley Castle. I can remember how much this school helped me with my maths. Used to play on the football team when i was the only girl!! Nic
Lucy Taylor (15) wrote 9 years ago
pendock is looking so great nw and i feel so old looking at this site! no one can proabably remember me bt i loved the school when i went!! xxx
George wrote 9 years ago
I am an old pupil from Pendock and the school looks amazing! I love the website too. Well done to everyone for all your hard work.
Rhiannon King wrote 9 years ago
Hi to everyone at pendock missing you all loads (especally Mrs Holt) the wibsite looks really fab!!!!!
Josh.Rule (age 10) wrote 9 years ago
Hello this website is wicked, I like the things we have been doing though the year I really like the school.
Mrs Lyndon-Chance wrote 9 years ago
I have really enjoyed looking at our website this evening. Well done and thanks to Mrs Stockwell and Miss Bilyard for all their hard work.
Kerri Baillie-lane! wrote 9 years ago
Hello everyone!! Wow i cant belive how good this website is lookingand some of the pictures of me look so funny!!!!
Rhiannon wrote 9 years ago
Hi to everyone at Pendock missing you loads lots of love Rhiannon

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